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N. B., Los Angeles, CA


Thank you so much for all!!!  It's amazing what you help facilitate.  Much love and gratitude :):)   [Email session feedback]


F. L., Carlsbad, CA


I thoroughly enjoyed all three of my classes with you!

[Skype classes feedback]


D. C., Oceanside, CA


Wow!!! She is sooooo peaceful... Comfortable in her own skin today! The whole family is transforming because of the work/play we are doing with you! Joy! Hope! Gratitude!  [Email animal session, and also phone & email sessions for human family members]

E. T., Solana Beach, CA


I discovered Rachel casually searching the internet and something in my gut said “Go!”. So I did. I had never had a Reiki session and knew very little about Reiki, however my experience with Rachel and Reiki changed my life in a profound way. Rachel’s very unique and thorough teaching style and impressive intuitive abilities allowed for a truly transformative experience. I was so impressed, I went back and took Reiki II. Once again I found the same transformative experience on an even deeper level. I am grateful for everything I learned and continue to use Reiki in every aspect of my life. 


I contacted Rachel when we were deciding whether or not to adopt out a foster dog who had been with us for over a year. We were unclear if our attachment to Boris was out of our own emotions and if he would be happier moving to a ranch life or if we were truly meant to keep him. Rachel’s incredibly accurate and nuanced communication with Boris allowed me to hear his deepest feelings about staying with us or moving on. I was also able to see a completely new side to Boris, one that made me feel even more connected to him and in the end helped us decide to keep him. Looking back, we now know we made the best choice for Boris and we are so grateful for Rachel’s help in understanding Boris better through Animal Communication.


J. L., Dubai, UAE


Thanks for your email.  I'm happy to report that he is getting better and today he was feeling really good. It differs on different days but hopefully all the work done will slowly manifest in the physical and he will improve. Thank you so much for all the work you have done for the babies.... They are very lucky to have had all the help during the pregnancy. 


[MY NOTE:  Her twins received bi-weekly sessions from conception until birth.  I offered email feedback for these sessions.  Digestive issues with her son were coming through intuitively during his gestation.  A great deal of healing took place, but some things felt as though they might remain after birth.  They did.  Yet, after a few more treatments, there was a significant shift.  Even so, his body needed time to fully integrate and update those changes.  For some, this integration is an event.  In his case, it's a process :)  ]


J. B., San Miguel De Allende, MX


This is so very beautiful, and so heart-centered and lovely, Rachel!  I can't imagine how connected and intuitive you must be to garner this much wisdom from our little Chester! 


We just returned from a long walk in the canyon and passed by Mr. Growly Bulldog. This usually sets Chester off, and he goes mad with defensive barking and yelling. Until Now.  I used your wisdom and kept reminding him that we were 'just looking' over and over again I used that phrase, as well as others that we've been working with: 'easy' and 'quiet' and 'thank you' (as in thank you, we see him there, and we're ok) I swear to you, Rachel Carey, in that moment, Chester behaved 80% better than he normally does!  A miracle!


[MY NOTE:  J.B. is referring to email feedback I provided after a session with his baby, Chester.  Chester was rescued from the streets.  He's very loving to his family, but has struggled with  human and animal aggressive / territorial behaviors toward others for the past 2 years.  This resulted in lots of barking, posturing and fighting.]



M.F., Oceanside, CA


I wanted to say thank you for the session and for this email with all the reminders! I will continue to practice using these tools. 


I got a job yesterday! I really feel that your energy work helped me feel more positive and maybe even more attractive to others. I also have an interview next week at a place that would be my dream job.  Maybe I can take both jibs- who knows :)  


I really feel a huge weight has been lifted.  I also realized during our session that there are some things from the past that  still need attention and may be contributing to the depression a bit.  Anyways, thank you again for being so kind and reminding me that I am supported and loved, and that it is ok to have fun and let loose even when I'm down.


[MY NOTE:  Every person is responsible for their own healing.  I only serve as a guide; I can't 'make' anything happen.  This is just a wonderful example of what's possible when we're ready.  When this client came, he/she had been out of work for eight (8) months.  He/she got a job & had a 2nd offer within two (2) days of that first session.  This was because of his/her own previous efforts, as well as being ready to embrace the light and love within, even while being unemployed.  It's possible for everyone, but for some, it may be a longer process.  Also, the email referred to is a template of information with tools to help each client sustain their healing between sessions.]


K. W., Oceanside, CA


I had an incredible, peaceful experience with Rachel Carey, as she has a very lovely, peaceful home in Oceanside that helped me to feel welcome and comfortable while I was open to whatever the day had prepared for us.


I was truly feeling connected in so many ways on a spiritual level throughout our entire time together, and she was consistent the entire time in asking me if I had understood whatever it was that she was teaching me, so that I wouldn't leave with questions in my mind. She is pretty thorough with the most important parts of the teaching and reassured me that if there were any questions that I had to please stop and ask at anytime. She really took her time and also made it fun as she has a great sense of humor.


Overall, it was a delightful, insightful, very spiritual learning experience. I definitely felt like I was on a higher level of spiritual awareness well after my learning session with her that day and well into the coming days. I remember walking to work the next day and feeling this overwhelming connection to nature like I had never felt before! It was euphoric and epic. The trees felt like they were speaking to me and I was seeing them and noticing them in a new light. I felt a relationship with nature and wanted to go and hug a tree for the first time ever! It was the most amazing feeling I have ever experienced in my life. And because of it, I do have a new connection with nature and have a need to be near now, every day.


I am now at a higher level of awareness that I have never had and I have Rachel to thank for that. She is a beautiful teacher and loving soul and I am so grateful that I had her as my first Reiki teacher. It was an honor to work with her as her passion for Reiki and teaching shines through so beautifully. 


J.L., Oceanside, CA


SIGH!!! I want to hold onto this feeling forever.  Patience, right!!  It's sad that we aren't taught this as children.  That we are precious, that we are loved, that we are beautiful and our light is ever so bright. ...Thank you will never be enough, that you started this amazing journey with me.  (ok...I started this journey with you  :)   )


K.M., Oceanside, CA


I am feeling extremely grounded and at peace.  Feeling one with nature like I never have felt before these last days.  Thank you so much for all of our time spent together learning and having fun.  It was such a pleasure!


J. N., Escondido, CA


I want to thank you for the wonderful session you provided for me today. I feel very balanced and calm tonight and am experiencing some wonderful visualizations in my meditation.  Your beauty, the environment you provide and the fun uplifting energy was very beneficial to me.


Carrie S., San Diego, CA


I feel AMAZING today!! So light and free and thankful to have seen my higher self and know that she is a thought and a breath away from me at all times. We worked on some really important stuff last night, and I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your gift with me. I have been looking for a spiritual healer and I am SO looking forward to working with you.


Chloe S., San Diego, CA


Thank you for that amazing session...! I walked away with a depth of self-love and safety that I was not aware existed. It was quite a profound feeling of wholeness. I sense an uplifting joy and love wherever I go, like a beautiful spotlight from God to light my path and follow me on it.


S. S., San Diego, CA


I just wanted to say thank you for yesterday's class and it was a wonderful experience. Although I may not have experienced at first with the attunement what most or some probably do I definitely felt it when I had my hands on your shoulder and it was a very wow moment! 

So I wanted to thank you for your warmth and kind demeanor and patience. I did try a bit this morning on myself and I think I felt something... Anyways, I look forward to the second class...


M. M., San Diego, CA


Thank you SO much for yesterday’s session, I woke up today feeling more calm and energetic than I have in a long time  :)


N. C., San Jose, CA


Talking to you always helps me reconnect with parts of myself that I forgot I was.  Thank you for all your help! :)


J. V., San Diego, CA


Thank you so much, Rachel. I felt wonderful yesterday... My husband even looked at me this morning and said "Wow! You look so rested this morning. You look great today". Thank you again, for the wonderful healing on my behalf. 


N. L., Cardiff, CA


Thank you for the session yesterday.  I found and continue to find it helpful.  Nice work.....


Benjamin H., San Diego, CA 


I went in for my first healing session and it was great!  Rachel is a wonderfully grounded and balanced person. Her session was just what I needed! She is highly professional and knowledgeable, definitely consider paying her a visit. Her home and office had a wonderful energy to it.


Divine C., San Diego, CA


Rachel is truly amazing! I just received my first two Reiki attunements with her about a week ago! And I can't wait to go back to get the last attunement!

She makes a wonderful teacher and is very good at being patient with you and your progress. She clearly explains each topic talked about to make sure your understanding is gained! She is very passionate in her teaching and with her work. She is very wise and will end up giving you good insight not only on Reiki but life and spirituality as well. She genuinely wants to aid in people's healing. She is also very funny and has such an adorable personality that makes training even more fun! If you are looking to be worked on or looking to get trained properly- Rachel's your gal!!!


Victoria P., San Diego, CA


I'm still new to Reiki but Rachel did an amazing job getting me acquainted with the practice. I was able to easily relax and enjoy the healing. After the session Rachel gave me a review of what she learned about my body and where it's holding tension. I found this to be very helpful in planning my at home changes to better my health and happiness.  I would recommend Rachel to anyone who is a fan of natural healing and awesome people.


Amanda B., San Diego, CA


I had my first appointment with Ms. Carey yesterday after work. Rachel is lovely and the session was relaxed and she made me feel at ease. She is so patient and has such a caring demeanor . I highly recommend.


Melissa L., Harleysville, PA


I worked with Rachel for a couple years now. We've had sessions in my home and remotely. She is a wonderfully patient teacher & is always extremely kind. She helped me through recovery from a botched surgery, and later when my second infant son had to go into surgery. She helped me in a usual sit-down session to alleviate pains from my c-section, and assisted with some issues I had been dealing with much longer in my feet.


I moved away and called her when my son was slotted for his stomach surgery. She healed both of us remotely during this time of great need too. I can't tell you how important it was to get that extra care and healing. She's always there when needed and I cannot tell you how greatly she impacted all the lives in my family. I love her dearly and will always go back whenever I need any help! How many stars can we
rate to? I'll give her ten more above that!


Ethel R., San Diego, CA


Rachel has worked with both my 7 year old son and me on a few different occasions.  Each session that we had with Rachel was beyond amazing.  I was a little concerned initially about how my son might respond to a lengthy amount of time in a quiet room with his eyes closed.  I must say, with Rachel's patient and gentle demeanor, his sessions went extremely well.   He seemed to really respond to Rachel and even gave her a hug after both of his sessions.  My experience with Rachel was equally amazing. She is simply a beautiful soul.  I look forward to working with her more in the future.


Diane W., San Diego, CA


Reiki sounds a little far-fetched and nebulous, but what I know is that I had back pain so painful I was having trouble sitting or standing for any length of time - sciatica that was causing radiating pain down my leg.  At the start of trying to address this, I went to a chiropractor and an acupuncturist and then Rachel for Reiki treatment. After a couple of days of chiro & acupuncture, I was still in pain - so I asked Rachel to see what she could do.


Seated next to me - but not touching me - she focused her energy on my back and my leg, and I could actually feel the warmth of that energy as it traveled up and down - mind you, Rachel was not telling me where she was focusing at any time.  After the treatment there was a DRAMATIC improvement - allowing me to sit without pain for the first time in weeks.  I continued the chiropractic and acupuncture treatments for long term work, but the Reiki is what worked FIRST and FASTEST.  To add to that, Rachel is a sweet and caring practitioner!


Jeanna L., El Cajon, CA,


I first saw  Rachel for help with a tailbone injury, that made sitting very unpleasant. 3 to 4 sessions later I was pain free. At the same time I was working with a therapist to heal the discomfort associated with the passing of my mom, and a not so perfect childhood. With Rachel's guidance I have released much stored up pain, easing my mind and body's burden.


My first experience with Reiki was almost a year ago, and the healing effects of Reiki have been a wondrous surprise for me. Ms. Carey is an insightful, caring, graceful, highly intuitive Angel/Person, that I trust, and am so grateful to of met.  She is most definitely gifted, and I recommend her with 10 shining stars! :D    Happy Healing!


Joseph Bennett, San Diego, CA


I worked with Ms Carey on at least 3 occasions for what was once a chronic neck condition. Her gentle, focused and compassionate approach helped to cure this!  I am happy to write a review for services I believe in.   She is definitely gifted, and I recommend her with 5 stars!    All the best, Joseph



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