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From a certain perspective, we're all meant to heal ourselves and others.  It may even be listed in the human being 'owner's manual,’ which may partially explain why actions like hugging, placing our hands on pained body parts, and praying for others can often bring degrees of comfort. 


These activities once held great power – and still do.  So, perhaps it’s our perspectives that have changed.  If so, it’s totally understandable.  There's no logical reason for why they help - until you consider that hugs, touch, and prayer represent forms of healing energy.  Reiki is another.  It amplifies the body's natural ability to promote and sustain health and well-being. 


Another possible reason for modern dismissal may be that we can’t perceive the energy with our physical senses. "[However, when] you consider the countless unseen things that have undeniable power - sound waves, microwaves, radio waves; emotions like anger or envy; and of course, the awesome, universal power of love - it seems silly to rely on the naked eye for proof of anything.  Yet, that is what we do.  Numbers on charts and graphs, X-rays, those we believe in.  But belief without documentation, something we perceive with one of our five senses, is considered blind faith."*


Believing in Reiki's healing power may seem like "blind faith," but part of why healing energy works so well is because everything, at its core level, is made of energy.  There was a time when we thought the foundation of life was the atom.  Then, we learned about sub-atomic particles.  Now, we understand that energy is the building block of life.** 


Scientists have proven that the only difference between you, me, the air, and anything else is the rate at which its energy is vibrating.  The lower and slower the vibration, the easier it is for you to perceive with our physical senses (consider anything you can see, hear, or feel).  The higher and faster the vibration, the less we're able to physically perceive it, but it is no less real (think of cell phone signals, radio & TV waves, X-rays).*** 


From this perspective, physical methods of healing like surgery and medicines, could be seen as a form of energy work that happens at a lower and slower vibration. And the countless alternative forms of healing, such as acupuncture, massage, prayer, healing/therapeutic touch, qi gong, etc., may represent energy work that happens at frequencies that science cannot yet detect.


Among these alternatives, there is a place for what is called "laying hands".  This is where a practitioner (the person offering the energy) places their hands upon a recipient to offer healing.  It's a very common practice in many religions around the world.  Amidst the many methods for laying hands, you will find Reiki; however, it is not affiliated with any religious discipline or doctrine.


Reiki is unique among the other energy healing techniques for several reasons.  First, it is usually passed from Master/Teacher to student through a process called an attunement (click here for more info on attunements).  Second, the practitioner's own energy is not used or depleted in any healing - in fact both the person offering Reiki and the receiver get a healing during the session.  Also, with advanced training, certain symbols are used to directly connect with and focus the energies specifically related to physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual healing.


Reiki is a holistic method of healing because it promotes wellness on all levels:  physical, mental, emotional & spiritual.  It feels deeply centering, relaxing, nurturing, and peaceful. 


Reiki energy is believed to be the same energy as Universal Life Energy, Ki, Chi, Prana, and the other names for the concept.  As such, it already exists in everything, everywhere.  So, the intention to give or receive Reiki may be more about remembering this presence within and around us, rather than creating, giving, or receiving something that is absent from anyone or anything.  


Even so, the process of remembering isn’t always conscious.  For those who can perceive it, Reiki may sometimes feel like 'connecting' or 'reconnecting', and that’s terrific!  However we experience Reiki, it meets us where we are and creates just the right amount of healing to assist in restoring balance, vitality, and wellness. 


While many Reiki practitioners do hands-on sessions, touching is not required for Reiki to be transmitted or received.  In fact, it's been said that Mikao Usui (the man considered responsible for re-introducing Reiki to the modern world) found transmitting without touch to be so powerful that he would offer Reiki to his clients from the next room before offering a hands-on treatment. 


I use this distance method for Reiki in all sessions and classes.  Transmitting energy works equally well with both physical contact and in distance (also called remote) situations.  It's why sessions conducted by phone, video, and even email can be effective.  With email, some people perceive the energy as the session is happening, while others seem to notice it when they read – this isn’t necessarily anything to do with Reiki, so much as when and how people may notice something. 


Distance transmission is also part of why Reiki attunements can be also offered without touching.  It’s an imperfect analogy, but sessions and attunements are a bit like phone and internet transmissions – we can’t see the energy connecting our phones and computers, but we can ‘open’ our messages and immerse ourselves in their contents, just the same.


Reiki may be used to maintain health or to recover from injuries, illnesses, or any mental, emotional & spiritual challenge.  It may be safely used on any creature (animal, plant, or human) at any stage of life.


Sessions last between 60-90 minutes.  Please reserve 90 minutes when scheduling. If we don't need the time, you can be done early. However, I have found that sometimes people need more time to discuss & process things, which is why I ask that you reserve the extra time when you schedule. 



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SCHEDULING - By Appointment Only

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Distance Healing Sessions 

In US:  conducted via email, phone, or video

Internationally:  conducted via email or video


Human & Animal  

Mon - Fri, 7a - 6p PST 

Sessions conducted via email, phone, or video

60-90 minute sessions (by donation)

Last distance session starts 6p

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Home, Business & Land

Mon - Fri, 7a - 6p PST

Sessions conducted via email only

90-minute sessions (by donation)

3-hour sessions ($300 flat fee)

Last distance session starts 6p

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Distance Classes

All classes are taught remotely via phone or video


Monday - Friday, 7a-4p PST   (Last class starts 4pm)

Weekend classes available, please contact for details

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Each degree is a single class lasting...


     4 hours for 1-2 people

     Additional 30 minutes needed for each person, 3+ people


Currently, there are no classes pre-scheduled.  If you would like to schedule a class, please contact me with your availability, and I'll be happy to arrange a class for you one-on-one, or for your group. 


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