Animal Communication & Healing

DISTANCE Reiki Treatment

Done via phone, video (Facetime, Skype, Zoom), or email

How animal sessions work

I will communicate with you via phone, video or email (as you prefer) about your companion's situation to learn what is happening, what questions you want answered or what you would like to communicate to your companion.  Then we can schedule an appointment for your companion's distance healing & communication session. 


Remote sessions work because everything is made of energy, and healing energy / intuitive communication are not hampered by time, space or distance - even if the animal has transitioned from life to death.  It may help to think of distance healings as similar to utilizing cell phone technology.  Your phone has sensitive equipment that allows you to send and receive calls via energy waves that you cannot physically detect. 


Similarly, intuitive 'equipment' enables one to work with energy and information that cannot be perceived by the physical senses.  In addition, every phone as an energetic signature that distinguishes it from all other phones, so that when someone dials your number, they don't get any other phone.  In the same way, each being's soul has an energetic signature that identifies it from all other souls and allows healing and communication to be sent and received by that specific soul.


At the scheduled appointment time, I will conduct a distance session with your companion.  During the session, I'll offer Reiki and use any other tools which may better help your companion to navigate his or her healing process or life path.  These tools include techniques based upon teachings of the Berkeley Psychic Institute, as well as Shamanic journeying and healing.  In addition, I follow intuitive guidance I receive that may be specific to your companion's needs.  


I'll provide you with email feedback about your companion's session either the same day or the next day.  Then, you're welcome to reply to the email or contact me in any way you prefer to discuss what was shared.


The call, remote session & feedback usually take a total of about 60-90 minutes total: 


The initial consultation call usually lasts 5-10 minutes

The session lasts 60+ minutes, as needed

The follow-up discussion lasts 5-10 minutes, if needed


If you'd like more background and context about animal communication and healing, please continue reading...



Animals bring so much to our lives.  They are sentient beings, and most people will tell you that the members of their furry family communicate with them, even if they are not always able to fully understand the messages.


If you've ever seen a cat or dog doing the 'feed me' dance, asking to go outside, or offering a paw or rub on your leg when you feel blue, then you have experienced just a small degree of animal communication.


We all have the ability to communicate telepathically with animals and nature - it's part of our owner's manual.  However, many of us have become too 'civilized' to remember how.  The wonderful thing is that it is quite easy to do and, with practice, it can happen more frequently and accurately.


As I do communication, I work from the perspective that everything I'm sharing is merely my perception.  I do not presume to speak your companion's truth for them.  I always do my very best to be as accurate and clear as possible.  However, I'm also human, and can sometimes make mistakes.  If there is a discrepancy between what is shared and what you perceive as true for your companion, I welcome a respectful discussion in which we can explore the difference to see if the information might be something new that hasn't been considered, or if I may be in error. 


It's also important to note that being able to communicate with an animal is not the same as controlling it.  Like humans, they have a degree of free will and personality.  While many don't have the ability to exercise full self-determination, they do have the ability to make choices and to develop habits of belief and behavior.  So, as with humans, it can sometimes take multiple sessions to begin healing and correcting certain patterns of belief or behavior.  I do this by helping them understand why something they're doing may not serve their highest good, or that of their family.


If you're interested in learning to communicate with your animal family and friends, I highly recommend a book called Learning Their Language:  Intuitive Communication with Animals & Nature, by Marta Williams (New World Library, 2003).


If you would prefer someone to do the communication for you, or if you would like confirmation on the information you are receiving, I am happy to work with your animal companion in a session.



I also do healing sessions for animals whenever I communicate with them.  Just like people, animals can greatly benefit from Reiki and intuitive healing sessions.  If they are in good health, it can help them to sustain it.  Alternately, it can assist animals in recovery from illness or injury when they weren't responding to veterinarian-recommended protocol, or it can shift significant behavioral problems that would have otherwise meant giving the animal to a shelter if not corrected.


Please do not think that I am implying that veterinary care is not important.  It's just that medication side-effects or other issues can sometimes make an animal very uncomfortable while receiving medical care, and receiving Reiki while also sharing exactly what is happening with them can help to minimize stress, side effects & other issues.


I also strongly support contacting a veterinarian and/or pet behaviorist for any behavioral problems.  It has been my experience that these problems are either medically based or just inappropriate forms of communication (attempts to let you know there is a problem, but not knowing how else to get your attention).


The benefit of doing energy healing work and telepathic communication in addition to medical, material and behavioral efforts is that intuitive work supports all levels:  physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  It ensures that your companion is getting everything he or she needs to move through their challenge. 


That said, it's also important to note that not every animal is willing or able to fully heal from a given situation.  I hold space for miracles in every session, but this doesn't guarantee that they will occur.  Sometimes, a situation or condition just needs time to fully heal.  Other times, the gift in a healing is to ease pain and other forms of discomfort during the transition into death. 


FYI -  Having survived the incredibly frustrating and overwhelming experience of having cats eliminate inappropriately, I would like to share a little more about working with a pet behaviorist:


I worked with behaviorist Mieshelle Nagelschneider.  I consulted with her via email, and I confess that my first impression was that her responses were a bit generic, or formulaic.  However, within a few days of following her recommendations, things started to change.  Within 3 months, the behavioral 'problems' had been completely eliminated because she'd helped me learn more effective ways to meet my cats' needs. 


Here is a link to her website:


In our behavioral work, she recommended two (2) products that I found invaluable in the transition process:  


1.  Mister Max Anti Icky Poo, an environmentally friendly odor removal product.  It doesn't hide or mask the odor, it actually removes it - COMPLETELY.  After spending months, as well as hundreds of dollars, trying multiple home remedies and removal products on the market, I can vouch that this proved to be the only one to truly eliminate the odors.   


FYI - if the basic topical treatment doesn't work, you may need to use the entire treatment line (pre-treatment, etc) for full results.  They also have an injector system to get the urine out of carpet and furniture padding, etc.  I have had 100% success on the very worst areas when I used the entire treatment line to treat the problem.


This product is beyond amazing, but I have only been able to find it on



2.  Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract cat litter.  Sometimes a cat will go outside the litter box as the only means of communicating to you that it doesn't like its litter.  I don't know if there is catnip in it, or just what makes it irresistible, but after learning that my cats didn't like the large pellet-type, corn-based or even various clay litters, this litter did the trick. 


This litter is a bit more expensive than other brands, but if you're having elimination problems, it is well worth the expense.  I have been able to find it at most pet stores, but it is also available online at


Mieshelle also offered wonderful information on how to adjust our home environment and routines, how to change the way we interacted with the cats, as well as how to help them to better interact with one another as they adjusted to their new environment.  But I particularly enjoyed her recommendation for clicker training.  It's been a terrific way to both engage and have fun.  


An excellent book is, Clicker Training for Cats, by Karen Pryor (she also has books for clicker training dogs).  You can buy the book only, or a complete clicker training kit on





D. C., Oceanside, CA


Wow!!! She is sooooo peaceful... Comfortable in her own skin today! The whole family is transforming because of the work/play we are doing with you! Joy! Hope! Gratitude!  [My note:  This was written about a session with their dog, and also referring to sessions for human family members]

E. T., Solana Beach, CA


... I contacted Rachel when we were deciding whether or not to adopt out a foster dog who had been with us for over a year. We were unclear if our attachment to Boris was out of our own emotions and if he would be happier moving to a ranch life or if we were truly meant to keep him. Rachel’s incredibly accurate and nuanced communication with Boris allowed me to hear his deepest feelings about staying with us or moving on. I was also able to see a completely new side to Boris, one that made me feel even more connected to him and in the end helped us decide to keep him. Looking back, we now know we made the best choice for Boris and we are so grateful for Rachel’s help in understanding Boris better through Animal Communication.


J. B., San Miguel De Allende, MX


This is so very beautiful, and so heart-centered and lovely, Rachel!  I can't imagine how connected and intuitive you must be to garner this much wisdom from our little Chester! 


We just returned from a long walk in the canyon and passed by Mr. Growly Bulldog. This usually sets Chester off, and he goes mad with defensive barking and yelling. Until Now.  I used your wisdom and kept reminding him that we were 'just looking' over and over again I used that phrase, as well as others that we've been working with: 'easy' and 'quiet' and 'thank you' (as in thank you, we see him there, and we're ok) I swear to you, Rachel Carey, in that moment, Chester behaved 80% better than he normally does!  A miracle!


[My note:  J.B. is referring to email feedback I provided after a session with his baby, Chester.  Chester was rescued from the streets.  He's very loving to his family, but has struggled with  human and animal aggressive / territorial behaviors toward others for the past 2 years.  This resulted in lots of barking, posturing and fighting.]




By Donation - payable by credit card prior to session


Yes, I work on donation.  I trust each person to pay what they can for the value of the healing that they receive.  Surprisingly, many people are uncomfortable with paying by donation and prefer to know a payment 'range'.


For what I do, other practitioners charge between $100-150 per session.  Please know that whatever payment you offer (whether it's more or less than the 'range') for the healing, reading or communication you receive is perfect.



Sessions payable via credit card only:


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