What to expect during Distance Reiki Healing Sessions

Done via phone, video, or email

Distance sessions are very easy, and many people love that they don't have to travel to receive healing.  You can just pick up the phone or read an email!  This can be especially useful in situations where you have a super-busy schedule, a health challenge, or anything else that may keep you from traveling to a healer.  


I've also done email sessions on babies in the womb, and small children who are not yet able to verbally communicate their challenges, people who can't fit in a session via phone or video, and many others. FYI, for babies and those who can't give verbal permission, I ask for this on a soul level and do my best to honor if I get No, and I set the intention in every session that no matter what I may ask for or perceive, nothing ever happens that would violate free will or any other conditions to honor a recipient.


Several clients have shared that in addition to the convenience, some of their most profound releases from long-term emotional issues took place during distance sessions.  They attributed this to the fact that, even though they felt very comfortable & safe with me in-person (when I used to do in-person sessions), they were still embarrassed to deeply cry in front of anyone.  In the comfort of their home, they could sob, shout, etc, without worrying what anyone might think or wanting to control their experience in any way. 


That said, I'm aware of reservations people have about distance sessions.  For example, I've had clients share that they wanted to do a session with me in person before doing distance work because they felt they could get a better sense of who I am and what my energy & work are like. 


I agree that it's important to know who you're working with, especially in intuitive healing.  However, I would offer that my picture and written words can give you a pretty clear idea.  I'm also happy to chat for a few minutes on the phone to help you get an even stronger impression of what I'm like and whether our energies, personalities or other traits are compatible for you.


I've also had clients share that they can't do session work in their own surroundings - their homes, offices, etc., are too stressful, noisy, busy or messy.  They believe these things inhibit their ability to relax and receive the healing energy. 


While I understand this perspective, I would offer that there are many, many places you could go that are quiet and beautiful.  I've had clients call me from beaches, parks, fountains or other areas that they enjoy.  And, if they felt uncomfortable getting out of the car in those spaces, they simply relaxed inside their vehicle during the session while looking out at the beauty around them. 


I also encourage people to consider that perhaps believing your surroundings must be 'perfect' or 'zen' in order to do healing work may be a limiting belief.  From a certain perspective, your peace exists within you, not outside of you.  If so, then nothing and no one around you needs to be perfect or to change for you to have peace, happiness, healing or anything else.  However, learning to consider, remember, or live in that awareness tends to be a process.  


All that said, I understand and support wanting to go to an office and see someone face-to-face for session work.  If this is what you want, I trust you will find exactly the right person to help you on your path.


Or, you may just have some questions about how distance sessions work.  If so, please continue reading...



It may help to think of distance healings as being similar to making a cell phone call.  Several hundred years ago, the thought of using a small, hand-held device to contact anyone on the planet might have seemed impossible or outrageous.  Even so, the energy used for cell phone communication always existed.  We just had to develop the technology and understanding that gave us a means to perceive and utilize the energy.  Similarly, the idea of energy work may seem outlandish today, but I have every faith that science will one day develop a means to clearly identify the healing energies, like Reiki, that already exist all around us. 


So, let's get back to making that call...  What connects your cell phone to someone else's when you call them?  Energy.  You can't physically perceive the energy of your phone's signal, yet you're still able to use that energy to make calls.  By the same token, you can't physically perceive Reiki's energy, but it can still connect two or more people to do healing work with a 'signal' that's always crystal clear!  This is possible because, just like cell phones, every person has an energetic signature that is different from all others.  This uniqueness is what allows intuitive healing and communication to be sent to and received by a specific individual.


Reiki enables me to successfully 'call', or connect, and do intuitive healing work with anyone, anywhere.  There's nowhere that healing energy cannot be received.   



Even though I'm not physically present, Reiki energy can go anywhere.  As I offer Reiki, you may experience warmth, coolness, tingling, or a number of other physical sensations that are your body's way of letting you know you're receiving it.  You may also have waves of peace, love, or other emotional experiences, as well as possibly seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling or 'knowing' your being is receiving Reiki's healing energy.  That said, it's important to share that these are all intuitive awarenesses.  If your intuition has not yet blossomed, you may simply begin to relax quiet a bit, or even drift off to sleep, which is also perfectly fine.  Relaxation is a HUGE step toward healing.   


It's important to know that Reiki is very powerful, but it's also very gentle.  Your body will only take in the amount that it's ready and willing to accept.  However, no conscious thought is needed - the healing will take place naturally, like breathing.  Your only 'job' during a session is to relax, but even if you feel frazzled, no amount of 'mental chatter will interfere with the healing.


For each session, I will not only offer Reiki energy, but also do whatever I know to do or am called to do to support your healing - such as techniques based upon teachings from the Berkeley Psychic Institute and Shamanic journeying, healing and singing.  I'll do whatever I'm guided to do to support your healing.  



There are many ways to conduct distance healing sessions.  In my practice, I often do email, phone or internet (Skype, etc) sessions, depending upon your desire and need. 


The following is a brief description of each type of session.  I try not to remain rigid about the content or format of the sessions, so that each person can receive whatever serves their highest good:


Phone and Video Sessions:

I'm very flexible about how we do these sessions, but to give you a general idea of what is possible, once I contact you via the phone number or video method of your choice, here is what can happen...


Sharing - as needed:

Whether it's physical, mental or emotional in nature, I find it often helps to take some time to talk about it.  So, we usually start by discussing the situation and any upset you may have around it.  This can take 15-40 minutes, as needed.  


Some people have a laundry list of things they'd like to vent about in session.  There's absolutely nothing wrong with this, but I've found it's much more helpful to pick the challenge or area that is most affecting you as a primary focus for the session, rather than trying to gain perspective and change every single challenge in a 90 minute period.   Then, we can look at additional challenges in future sessions. 


That said, it tends to be true that working on one thing in your life often impacts all the other areas as well.  This is because most situations and conditions are intertwined.  As you bring healing to one, the others begin to shift and heal as well.  Even greater shifts take place when we work on each area specifically, but a general shift will still take place simply because each area of your life impacts the others to some degree.


Energy work:

If there's nothing you wish to discuss, we can begin energy work.  Or, if you need to share first, this will happen after we've spent some time addressing a particular challenge.  This usually lasts 20-45 minutes, depending upon factors like your schedule needs or how long we spent discussing an area of your life.


Several approaches to the energy work are possible, depending upon what you want or need.  You have full control over your session.  If you know what you'd like, I'll do my best to accommodate your request.  If you're unsure, I'll make some suggestions of different approaches we can take and let you decide what sounds best. 


The following are just a 2 examples.  We can mix and match these approaches, or try anything else you might like in order to tailor your session to your needs.


Energy work in silence -

I can do the energy work in silence for all or any part of the session.  As this happens, I can also keep track of any intuitive information that may come up.  Then, I'll share it with you at the end of the session.  I find this is often helpful because it enables you to have your own experiences without my interrupting or interfering.  However, some people prefer to have me share as I perceive, and if that serves you, I'm happy to do so.


If you'd like silence, I can also hang up the call or video session to allow you complete silence.  Then, I can either email you things that came up while I did the energy work, or offer no feedback, depending upon your preference.


Energy work in guided meditations -

This is often especially useful if you're working through a challenge.  We can do this for all or part of the energy portion of your session.


We can use the guided meditation to help you connect with and comfort a part of you that is struggling, upset, or triggered into judgment.  Then, we can help you re-align with your soul's awareness of who you are (a being of light & love) and what's possible for you (everything).   


Throughout the meditation, I allow my intuition to direct me as to what may be needed to help you make the connection, offer comfort, or to re-align.  We may play games; watch scenes in your life; chat with angels, animals or others who are fully aligned with light and love and wish to help you; or whatever else may be needed to help you on your path.  The entire journey is intuitively guided, and it will be shared as we go through your journey.   If we do this for the full session, I won't be offering feedback at the end, as everything you experienced was intuitive.  However, some request that we allow time at the end of the session for this at the end of their meditations, and if that helps to reinforce your experience, we can do this as well.


I highly recommend recording your sessions, so you have a full account of what took place before, during and after the energy work.  It's the fastest and easiest way to do the feedback.  For those who aren't interested in this format, you're also welcome to bring a notepad to write things down, or you may wish to journal about your session when you have time.


Supporting yourself during these sessions:

It's true that your outer surroundings can only impact the quality of your session experience if you allow them to.  Yet, it's also true that until you begin to fully embrace and live this concept, your surroundings may influence you to some degree. 


Please understand that I'm not saying you should force yourself to do something you don't want to.  Work with what is.  Wherever you are in your process, is perfect. 


However, if you're open to the idea of distance sessions but are feeling triggered into upset by your surroundings, here are a few tips that have proven useful.  None of the following suggestions are mandatory:


  • Go to a comfortable, quiet space, where you will not be disturbed. 

  • If you feel your normal surroundings will disturb you, try thinking of a nearby, quiet space that you enjoy.  Make sure to give yourself time to travel to that space before your session begins, so you can settle in and without feeling rushed for flustered.

  • If you can't 'get away', consider simply going to your car, a break or conference room, a corner of the parking lot or property, or anywhere else nearby that feels somewhat private.

  • If you have small children in your care, perhaps put in a favorite video and position yourself so you're not with them but able to keep an eye on them.  (Just let me know - we can tailor the session to accommodate this)

  • If your surroundings are noisy, you may want to use earphones.  They can help block distractions and keep you focused upon what we're doing.

  • If you'd like the energy work done in silence, consider having some relaxing music ready to play at that time.  I can also just turn up my music, and you can listen to that instead.

  • If you become uncomfortable in any way during the session, simply do what you need to take care of yourself.  For example, if you need to use the bathroom, shift your position, move about or add/remove clothing or blankets, it's not a problem. 

    Nothing will block or stop the flow of Reiki's healing energy.  You do not need to worry that movement - even getting up to go to the bathroom - would keep you from receiving your healing.



Email sessions:

These sessions are especially useful for those who don't have time for a session but may still wish to receive healing and intuitive feedback about their situation or condition.  


This format is also great for those who are unable to verbally communicate, such as infants (before and after birth), animals and others who may be unable to 'speak' in a traditional way.  I've also done email sessions with  older children who are able to speak, but who may not be ready to do sessions.   My only stipulation these situations is that if it seems like the recipient isn't open to the session, I won't do it.  In those situations, I'm happy to discuss the perception and explore possible options.  My intention isn't to decide what's best for others or deprive them of support.  I'm only doing my best to honor others' free will. 


In email sessions for yourself or others, you let me know what you'd like to work on, which can be done via phone, text or email.  Then, we can schedule a day for your session to take place.  If desired, we can also schedule a specific time, just like the phone and video sessions.  Scheduling a time isn't required - you can receive the healing at any time, from anywhere.  However, people sometimes like to take even a few moments to 'tune in', and I fully support this, if it's what you prefer.


I type up the session as it's happening, so you can know what was worked on, or 'cleared', and to what degree - as well as to offer any intuitive feedback that may come through.  This can take many forms.  For example it could be suggestions for things you may wish to consider doing to better support yourself or another in the healing process  honoring that you know you're truth best and will decide for yourself if the suggestions or other feedback serves you.



Most sessions last 90 minutes, but it depends upon your needs.  I ask that, if possible, you please reserve that amount of time in your schedule when you book a session, unless this doesn't serve you.   If you're unable to do a 90 minute session, just let me know this at the start of your session. 


I'm a firm believer that every little bit helps, so it's fine if you are short on time or don't wish to do a 90 minute session. For example, some people have very limited schedules and are only able to connect for 45-60 minutes.  Others may only wish to do a 'tune-up' session to sustain the progress they've made, so they may not wish to discuss anything, but to simply receive energy work and, perhaps, some feedback at the end.   


Alternately, I have clients who set an alarm for 2 hours or more at their session time, so that they can simply enjoy the relaxation they experience in session before moving into their day.  In this case, rather than waking them, if needed, at the 90 minute point, I simply end the call and allow their alarm to rouse them at whatever time they've set.  Everyone's different - just let me know what serves you.



I can share intuitive information in your session, if you wish.  As I mentioned, this can be done in several different ways before, during or after your session.  However it happens, please know that I set the intention to only see or know what you are ready and/or willing to share.  I will not active search for problems or secrets.  I don't believe this serves either one of us.


Also, if you prefer not to receive any intuitive feedback, that's totally fine.  The healing can take place without any of this information.  If you think of the healing like an event, I use intuitive information as a means of 'reporting on' that event to you.  The event takes place with or without my 'report', so you can receive healing without this information.




I hold space for miracles in every session.  Yet, while they're always possible, healing most things is a process, not an event.


More often than not, it took time to develop the mental, emotional and behavioral patterns that created or contributed to the imbalance that's showing up, and learning to change those patterns to support balance, wholeness and health may also take some time.


I don't prescribe specific time frames for healing physical, mental or emotional conditions or any other situation.  I think everyone needs to go at their own pace. 


So, whether you do multiple times a week, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly sessions, etc., you're still bringing healing to whatever is happening.  That said, the greater the challenge in your life, the more frequently you may want to have sessions - as they can often facilitate more rapid shifting in the current condition or situation.


Many clients find benefit in coming weekly if they are experiencing challenges, then switching to monthly sessions to help sustain their health and well being.



J. L., Dubai, UAE


Thanks for your email.  I'm happy to report that he is getting better and today he was feeling really good. It differs on different days but hopefully all the work done will slowly manifest in the physical and he will improve. Thank you so much for all the work you have done for the babies.... They are very lucky to have had all the help during the pregnancy. 


[MY NOTE:  This client's child received bi-weekly sessions from conception until birth.  I offered email feedback for the sessions.  A certain issue seemed to come up during gestation.  Even though a great deal of healing seemed to happen prenatally, it felt like the issue might exist after birth.  It did.  Yet, after a few post-natal treatments, the issue resolved.]   


Melissa L., Harleysville, PA


I worked with Rachel for a couple years now. We've had sessions in my home and remotely. She is a wonderfully patient teacher & is always extremely kind. She helped me through recovery from a botched surgery, and later when my second infant son had to go into surgery. She helped me in a usual sit-down session to alleviate pains from my c-section, and assisted with some issues I had been dealing with much longer in my feet.


I moved away and called her when my son was slotted for his stomach surgery. She healed both of us remotely during this time of great need too. I can't tell you how important it was to get that extra care and healing. She's always there when needed and I cannot tell you how greatly she impacted all the lives in my family. I love her dearly and will always go back whenever I need any help! How many stars can we rate to? I'll give her ten more above that!


By Donation - payable by credit card

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Yes, I work on donation.  I trust each person to pay what they can for the value of the healing that they receive.  Surprisingly, many people are uncomfortable with paying by donation and prefer to know a payment 'range'.  


Similar practitioners charge between $100-150 per session.  Please know that whatever payment you offer (whether it's more or less than the 'range') for the healing, reading or communication you receive is perfect.


NOTE:  Payment must be received one day prior to session date, or your session will be rescheduled



SCHEDULING - By Appointment Only

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Distance Healing Sessions 

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Internationally:  conducted via email or video


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Mon - Fri, 7a - 6p PST 

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Last distance session starts 6p

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Distance Classes

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Each degree is a single class lasting...


     4 hours for 1-2 people

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Currently, there are no classes pre-scheduled.  If you would like to schedule a class, please contact me with your availability, and I'll be happy to arrange a class for you one-on-one, or for your group. 


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