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I've been a Master-Level Reiki practitioner & teacher since 2007.  Through my efforts in building my practice, as well as extensive volunteer work at places like UCSD Medical Center (Bannister Family House) & various charitable events, I have had the honor & pleasure of working with hundreds of people at nearly every age & stage of life, and with many different conditions. 


I've worked with everyone from unborn and newborn infants to people who were transitioning into death, as well as with animals that weren't responding to their vet-recommended healing protocols or were having 'behavioral problems' at home.  I've also conducted home healings where a child who was afraid to be alone in his room was finally comfortable enough to play and sleep there.  In all those encounters, I’ve been awed by the power of Reiki to bring healing to any situation.


My Healing Journey

My first experience with Reiki was many years ago.  I had severe laryngitis that lasted about 4 months, and ENTs (Ear Nose Throat specialists) couldn't figure out what was wrong.  At a friend's suggestion, I tried Reiki.  After only one session, the laryngitis was gone.


Several years later, I had severe pain due to whiplash injuries from an auto accident.  I'm usually very optimistic, grounded, resilient & resourceful, but navigating that experience was beyond my coping skills.  After only one Reiki session, I was restored to my emotional center, which enabled me to deal with the pain and begin to heal.


I was so impressed that I decided to learn Reiki.  I began doing daily treatments on my neck for pain.  Little did I know that Reiki was working to heal my thyroid too! 


(SIDE NOTE:  I regularly have people reach out to ask how I used Reiki for thyroid healing.  The short answer is: I didn't.  But if you'd like a more detailed answer, please scroll down to "Thyroid Healing Journey" below.)


Then, in 2017, nearly a decade into my practice, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune issue called Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS).  It causes inflammation in nearly every organ and system of the body.  Reiki has been a wonderful and powerful resource for reducing pain, inflammation, and other symptoms.  It also helps me to stay emotionally centered (or brings me back to center on really rough days).  


Having experienced a miraculous healing of my thyroid, and having witnessed many other 'impossible' things become possible for myself and others... I trust that the MCAS can be fully healed.  I don't know when, where, how, or any other details - only that it’s possible.  


I've found that these and other experiences help me to have even greater understanding and compassion for how nuanced and complex the path can sometimes be as we navigate long-term challenges of any kind.  I don't presume that my perspectives, experiences, and resources may be useful to everyone, but they're at your disposal if you're interested.


Lineage / Pedigree

People sometimes ask about my Reiki Lineage.  If you're not familiar, lineage is about who taught you, who taught your teacher's teacher, and back.... Your pedigree, so to speak.


I was trained in Usui Shiki Ryoho (the "Usui Method of Healing").  Micao Usui is credited with rediscovering Reiki and then teaching it to others.  However, I have no distinct lineage. You might say I'm a Reiki Mutt  :)


I respect the concerns of those who question lineage.  People are often taught that it matters.  Yet from a certain perspective, perhaps all our lineages stem back to Mikao Usui, as he was the person who re-introduced Reiki to the modern world.  Or, you might go even further back to say that all lineages originate with Spirit (if/as you may believe), who may have created Reiki in the first place.


After learning Reiki, I felt called to spend a year taking intuitive energy healing classes that were based in the teachings & techniques of the Berkeley Psychic Institute.  I also took classes in animal communication, shamanism, and emotional wisdom as I continued to grow and learn. 


Reiki Perspective

In retrospect, I've come to feel these classes may not have been strictly necessary.  What I mean is that Reiki seems to be the same energy referred to as prana, universal life force energy, and other names.  Basically, the energy that creates, sustains, destroys, and recreates all of existence.  You might say it can do anything and everything. In addition, practicing Reiki develops intuition and more. 


Yet, this doesn’t mean everyone ‘should’ only be doing Reiki.  It’s wonderful to have so many ways to approach healing!!  My own explorations led to many wonderful friendships.  It also provided valuable exposure to other perspectives and practices.  So, nothing was lost or wasted.


Practically speaking, I've found that Reiki also works and plays well with others – in that it can boost the power of other techniques (if/as needed), or it can easily be incorporated into other healing modalities.


Reiki is the heart and foundation of my practice, but with your permission, I’m happy to use the other intuitive healing techniques, including any intuitive guidance I receive which may be specific to you and your healing.


Sharing Intuitive Perceptions

It doesn’t have to be part of any session, but ‘other intuitive techniques’ can also include intuitive ‘reading’ – a term for asking for intuitive perceptions that may help you on your path. 


If you’re not open, that’s totally fine.  If you are, I can share that information with you as we go along, &/or near the end of the session.


Please know that if you’d like some reading, I set the intention to only see or know what you are willing to share.  I do not actively search for problems or secrets.  I also believe that only you know what is true and best for you, so it's very healthy not to automatically accept anything shared as 'truth'.  You're always welcome to consider, question, doubt, disbelieve, or disagree with anything I share (intuitive or otherwise).


It's equally important to understand that while I do my best to be as clear and accurate as possible in every reading, I'm not perfect - and neither is my intuition.  From my perspective, it doesn't really matter how accurate I tend to be, because even 99.99% accuracy isn't 100%.  It’s not about perfectionism, just honoring the possibility for error.


Intuitive inaccuracy can take many forms.  Sometimes, perceptions may only be partially true (like pieces of a large puzzle, where the pieces are accurate, but they don't accurately represent the bigger picture to which they belong).  They could also be partially mistaken in some form or degree.  And of course, they may even completely inaccurate for countless reasons - but mostly, because I'm not omniscient (… yet  ;) ).


In practice, this means that only you know what is true and best for you, so it's very healthy not to automatically accept anything shared as 'truth'.  You're always welcome to consider, question, doubt, disbelieve, or disagree with anything I share (intuitive or otherwise).


Honoring Boundaries

I will also not 'force' you to do anything you're uncomfortable with.  You will be in full control of your session.  Anything and everything happens only with your permission and at your pace.  My highest goal is to create a safe, respectful, and nurturing space for you to explore your healing path.


To learn more about how sessions are conducted, please click here.



Thyroid Healing Journey

As I mentioned above, many people have reached out to ask about the specifics around how I used Reiki for the thyroid healing.  I didn't.  I was entirely focused upon using it for neck pain management from whiplash injuries.


I didn't have a reiki practice at the time, and I was working in an office.  I would take brief (1-3 minute) "micro-breaks" throughout my day.  As I did this, I'd lace my fingers together at the back of my neck and ask Reiki to flow.  The office remained busy, and I often chatted with coworkers while doing it.  If you looked at me, you might have thought I was just stretching or resting my neck for a little bit.


After 2 years of this, I noticed one morning that I had missed a dose of thyroid medication from the previous day.  I'd had hypothyroidism (low thyroid function) for ten years and was taking synthroid (thyroid hormone replacement medication, 88 mcg) daily. 


I rarely missed a dose because doing so caused intense fatigue, brain fog, and other challenging symptoms that could linger for days.  I chalked up my missing the dose without consequence as grace / luck, and kept taking the medicine.


A few months later, I missed a dose again.  This time, it felt like my inner guidance was to stop taking the synthroid.  I felt safe doing this because I had an annual doctor exam in 2 weeks, and I knew we would be testing my thyroid levels at that time.  More importantly, I had no issue with immediately going back on the medicine if I felt I needed it before the exam or if my thyroid hormone levels were low upon testing.


My thyroid levels tested normal, but we continued re-testing at quarterly intervals for a year.  At first, this was because the half-life of the medication could have contributed to the 'normal' results for several months.  We agreed to continue testing quarterly for a year because my doctor wanted to make sure the improvement was sustained.  


Since then, annual testing shows my thyroid levels have stayed normal.  After being told I’d be on Synthroid for the rest of my life, I’ve been off the medication without issue for over a decade.  Multiple tests have confirmed that my thyroid is healed. 


Life brings amazing gifts in unexpected packages!  I would offer that even the MCAS has helped me with life-long issues, such as separating my value and worth from what I do or what others think of me; getting better at creating and holding healthy boundaries; improving my self-care practices; deepening my spiritual practices; and much more.  I believe that there are countless other ways to work on these and other issues; MCAS just happens to be my current catalyst for learning, healing, and growing.  



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