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Have you ever walked by a home and gotten a chill that had nothing to do with the temperature?  Or have you walked into a room and thought it was depressing, scary or just 'off'?  Similarly, have you walked into a home and felt warm, comforted and safe - even if you didn't know the owner?


Many people dismiss these impressions, but they are actually forms of intuitive information.  In each of those situations, you actually 'read' the energy of the home.  It's part of our owner's manual & part of our survival instincts to be able to recognize when a location is safe or unsafe, welcoming & nurturing or unsupportive. 


Just like people, animals, plants or everything else, our homes, offices and land are made of energy.  The vibration of that energy can be raised or lowered by circumstances, relationship dynamics or repeated patterns of use that lead to depletion.  For example, when things like fights, arguments, or traumatic events happen in a space, the energy of such events can get 'stuck', which eventually lowers the area's vibration.


During a building or land healing, I read the energy of the building & land.  Then, I do all I know to do or am called to do to facilitate the release of any negative energy and raise the vibration to support balance and healing.  This involves intuitively 'looking' at each room, as well as the property (even for apartments), to facilitate shifting the energy & healing the building and land to refortify and protect it. 


Next, I offer healing to the current occupants and look at any unconscious, or subconscious, agreements they may have to create, sustain or in any way tolerate lower vibrations.  If any such agreements exist for themselves or with any other expression of consciousness, they will be cleared to the greatest extent possible.  Finally, I look at all former occupants and any others who have come into contact with the location for any reason (realators, contractors, managers, etc).  Here, too, any agreements or energies that may need to be healed or released will be taken care of.  I am able to do all this without being physically present because intuitive information and healing work may be utilized anywhere at any time.


If you live in an apartment or condo, etc, I will also offer the opportunity for all who live in your complex to receive a healing.  This is because the collective energy of the building can then be improved and sustained more easily.  However, if any of the other tenants or owners are not in agreement to receive a healing, I can only shift and clear the energy of your own unit and any common spaces in which you interact (laundry rooms, courtyards, etc.).  This is because everyone has the right to live in whatever level of energy (high or low) that they choose, and it is not for me to change that energy without their permission. 


Even if no one else in your complex is in agreement, it has been my experience that as one unit's energy is raised and shifted, those who are not in agreement to the shift will either begin to raise their own vibration to match the change or move on to a new area that supports & matches their lower vibration.  This is equally true for homes or other locations.  Like dominoes, when the energy shifts in one location, it affects all the others. 


Lastly, I look at all other expressions of consciousness that may have come into contact with your location, such as spirits or other beings.  Like people, they can be of high, moderate and low vibration, and their presence can sometimes be a part of the healing equasion.  I won't fight with or harm them.  I simply look for agreements that have been made to allow their presence and clear these to the greatest extent possible.  I also ask for help in having them 'move on'.  This often happens by reconnecting them more fully with the consciousness of Spirit.  Or, if they're not willing to do this, simply raising the vibration of your location can prompt them to move on.  This is because the higher vibration is often uncomfortable to those of lower vibration, so they'll seek out other, more compatible vibrations instead.


Despite all this, there may be times when healing is a process, rather than an event.  In some situations, more than one healing may be needed to create and sustain a shift in the energy of the location.  For example, sometimes the energy is lowered by absorbing the stress of the occupants.  If they aren't taking steps to alter their patterns of stress, depression, or other lower energies, these energies can once again build up to a point of affecting the location.  So, I often suggest personal healing sessions for the occupants of a location as well - particularly if it's a home.  It's not required, but it can aid in preventing relapses into lower vibrations.





$250 per 90 minute session.

This is a fixed donation amount due to the extent of work done for both the property and all who have come into contact with it. 


Payable via credit card only.  Please pay here


NOTE:  Payment must be received at least one day prior to session, or it will be rescheduled.



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