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Have you ever walked by a place and experienced a chill that had nothing to do with the temperature?  Or maybe entered a room and thought it was depressing, scary, or 'off' in ways that had nothing to do with the lighting, décor, or furniture?  Or, have you visited a home and felt comfortable, welcomed, or safe - even if you didn't know the owner or like the way the space was decorated?


Many people dismiss these impressions, and it makes sense.  Oftentimes, there don’t seem be tangible or easily recognizable reasons for them.  Yet, from a certain perspective, they can sometimes represent intuitive perceptions.  Your intuitive abilities are like a radar system that allows you to perceive things that your physical senses and logical mind cannot.  


What I mean is that you could be intuitively ‘reading’ your surroundings to perceive information about them that your physical senses and logical mind can’t detect.  That information may help you to more accurately determine if a location is safe or unsafe, hospitable or inhospitable, and more.  


From a certain perspective, everyone is intuitive, but not everyone has recognized or developed their gifts.  So, I don't do anything that you couldn't do with time and practice.  


But if you've been having strange experiences and events in the places where you live, work, or frequent, you may want to consider a healing and clearing session.  Whether the issues are short-term or long-term, Reiki's high vibrational energy can restore vibrant health and balance to any space.


Session Format

Clearing sessions are only conducted via email because it allows me to focus entirely upon the tasks at hand. 


It's often easiest and fastest to do the session at my earliest convenience. If you'd like to 'tune in' or know when it's happening, I can text you before 

I can message you before I begin, if you'd like to 'tune in'. 


We can schedule a day &/or time for the session, but it will still be conducted via email. 


Then, you're welcome to contact me with questions, comments, or any other form of feedback.


Healing & Clearing Possibilities


I start by learning what prompted you to request the healing and clearing – is it for maintenance, or is something seeming off?  This helps me to have a better sense of what you need and where to begin the process.


There can be many different approaches to healing and clearing. The following is only meant to provide samples of the things that can be addressed and supported in land, building, spatial, and other clearings:


Releasing Energies

I use Reiki while asking for all possible support in healing, releasing, and clearing of lower vibrational energies and anything else that may be ready to leave the space. I do this by intuitively 'reading' each room in a home or office space, as well as the rest of the building (if applicable), and the property where the building exists.  You might think of this like opening the windows to let a space air out.


Clearing Contracts, Agreements, etc.

I ask for healing for the current occupants and look at any conscious, subconscious, karmic and other forms of agreement that may exist for allowing, tolerating, creating, or sustaining lower vibrations.  If any such agreements (or other dynamics) seem to exist, I'll ask for them to be cleared to the greatest extent possible (This can sometimes be a process, not an event.  I don't 'force' anything to happen).


Clearing Events

I ask for healing and any other support that may be possible for any events that may have happened at the location that could be impacting its 'health'. This can sometimes relate to a structure, but it usually relates to the land upon which the structure has been built.


I also ask for healing and clearing support all former occupants and all others who have been impacted by any significant events, &/or who may have come into contact with the location for any other reasons (such as realtors, contractors, managers, etheric beings, and more).  This can help to release additional layers and levels of attachments, challenges, &/or other influences from the past that may be continuing into the present.


Community Healing

If you live or work in a shared space, such as an apartment or office building, I ask for all who live or work in the building(s) to have an opportunity to receive healing (if/as they may be open). If applicable, I also ask for healing for everything and everyone in the surrounding neighborhood &/or other areas.


I do this because the collective energy of your own location can often be improved and sustained more easily when it's done in conjunction with your community - even though this tends to happen at a 'subconscious' level.


That said, inviting isn’t the same as controlling.  If anyone isn't in agreement to receiving support, nothing may happen in any spaces that aren't exclusively 'yours'.  However, shared spaces, such as laundry rooms, courtyards, hallways, staircases, etc., can often be supported.


Working in this way honors that everyone has the right to live in whatever level of energy (from high to low) that they choose.  It’s not appropriate for me to change anything without permission. 


Even so, as one space begins to heal, other spaces tend to being matching the higher vibration, which can create a sort of domino effect of healing.  Alternately, those who aren't in alignment with the shift might relocate to another area that matches their preferred vibration.  However, this may not happen immediately, if at all.  Again, people have free will to choose the vibration of their environments.


Healing and clearing for etheric beings, spirits, etc.

I look at all other expressions of consciousness that may have come into contact with your location, such as spirits or other beings.  Like people, beings can be of high, moderate, and low vibration, and their presence can sometimes be a part of the healing equation. 


There can be exceptions, but it tends to be true that as a physical form in a physical realm, you generally have a sort of 'seniority' when it comes to the vibrations and expressions of consciousness that you allow in your space. Clearing agreements, etc., can be like serving an eviction notices, except they're all fully supported in the moving process.  



While clearing the contracts and agreements tend to resolve most being issues, it's not a magic bullet.  When that happens, I ask for support to help them to 'move on'.  Moving on can also take many forms, but it generally starts with asking for whatever healing, encouragement, guidance, or anything else that the being may need to release attachments, resolve issues, or anything else it needs to leave.  


If they continue to remain, there may be additional steps to take, &/or additional things to learn or better understand about the situation before the being leaves.  


Sometimes, it can be about learning to ignore the being, in which case they move on because they're no longer getting the attention they wanted.  Or, perhaps it may involve patience with the 'eviction' process.  Like people, beings tend to also preferences about the vibration of their surroundings.  If the vibration of a space is higher than their comfort level, they'll usually seek out other, more compatible locations.


Ongoing Support

These are just examples of a few of the ways in which a location's healing and clearing may be a process, rather than an event.  Sometimes, it has nothing to do with beings or anything else - it may only reflect a need for additional support. 


Anything can be healed within moments, but imbalances often take time to manifest, and sometimes healing takes time too.   This might mean doing more than one session, or perhaps doing periodic sessions for 'maintenance'. 


For example, sometimes a space’s energy is lowered by absorbing the stress of its occupants - like a sponge soaking in water.  If the occupants aren’t taking steps to heal and change this pattern, the stress energies may rebuild to a point of ‘filling the sponge’ again and again. 


This doesn’t make stress (or any other form of upset) wrong or bad.  It’s more about offering perspective on how these interconnected influences can impact a location’s vibrance and ‘health.’


For this reason, I often suggest personal healing sessions for the occupants of a location as well - particularly if it's for a home.  It's absolutely not required; it just tends to be helpful.




90 minute session - By Donation.

While any donation amount is perfect, many people prefer to have a general range of what is 'normal' or 'fair'. For what I do, other practitioners charge between $250-300 for a 90-minute session.  However, please know that whatever payment you offer (whether it's more or less than the 'range') is perfect.


In these sessions, I'll look at and work on whatever you may request + anything else that may come up in the course of the session. 


Everything can be possible at any time, so these sessions can often clear and shift quite a lot.  However, the shorter sessions tend to be more like general cleaning and maintenence.  



3 hour session - $300 flat fee

This is a fixed fee due to the time and extent of the work done for the space, building, property, and all who have come into contact with it.  It involves going through a long and comprehensive listing I've created over the years of things to look at and work on, including akashic and other issues + anything that may come up that is specific to the space and need.


You might think of these sessions as deep cleanings, where you move the furniture, clean the walls and baseboards, get into the nooks and crannies...



Payable via credit card only.  Please pay here


NOTE:  Payment must be received at least one day prior to session, or it will be rescheduled.



SCHEDULING - By Appointment Only

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Distance Healing Sessions 

In US:  conducted via email, phone, or video

Internationally:  conducted via email or video


Human & Animal  

Mon - Fri, 7a - 6p PST 

Sessions conducted via email, phone, or video

60-90 minute sessions (by donation)

Last distance session starts 6p

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If this doesn't work for your schedule, we can discuss other options.


Home, Business & Land

Mon - Fri, 7a - 6p PST

Sessions conducted via email only

90-minute sessions (by donation)

3-hour sessions ($300 flat fee)

Last distance session starts 6p

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Distance Classes

All classes are taught remotely via phone or video


Monday - Friday, 7a-4p PST   (Last class starts 4pm)

Weekend classes available, please contact for details

If this doesn't work for your schedule, we can discuss other options.


Each degree is a single class lasting...


     4 hours for 1-2 people

     Additional 30 minutes needed for each person, 3+ people


Currently, there are no classes pre-scheduled.  If you would like to schedule a class, please contact me with your availability, and I'll be happy to arrange a class for you one-on-one, or for your group. 


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To book a session or individual/group class:


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