Reiki & Intuitive Healing Sessions

DISTANCE Reiki Treatment

Done via phone, video (Facetime, Skype, Zoom), and email

Reiki is a very gentle but powerful healing energy.  I have seen it do amazing things, but sometimes "problems" & challenges can still come into our lives.  While there can be many reasons for this, one of the most common is that whatever is (or isn't) happening might refelct that something has gotton out of balance in your life.  That 'something' (or more than one thing) can often serve as an opportunity for change.


Learning to navigate any possible change(s) is often a part of healing.  I see my role as creating and holding a safe, respectful, and nurturing space for healing, exploring possibilities, and anything else that may support you on your path.


With your permission, I will do all that I know to do or am called to do to facilitate the process, including Reiki, shamanic journeying and singing, spiritual counseling, or other techniques.


From my perspective, we're all intuitive - it's just that not everyone develops their innate gifts.  I'm not doing anything you couldn't do for yourself with time & practice. 


Intuitive Readings and Boundaries

Doing Reiki often prompts intuitive perceptions, but they don't have to be a part of your session unless that interests you.  If it does, I can share perceptions that may come up, ask intuitive questions, or most anything else.  This is sometimes called 'Intuitive Reading."


When I read, I set the intention to only perceive what you may be ready and/or willing to share.  I will not actively 'search' for problems or secrets.  Sometimes, these kinds of perceptions come anyway.  If that happens, I won't share or discuss anything without asking for your permission to do so, or I'll honor if you've already said you don't want to know.  


If you'd like me to share, please understand that while I do my best in every session, I'm not perfect - and neither is my intuition.  I tend to be pretty accurate, but even 99% accuracy isn't 100%.  Sometimes, my perceptions may only be partially true (like pieces of a larger puzzle, where the pieces are accurate, but they don't accurately represent the entire, bigger picture).  They could also be partially mistaken in some form or degree, or even completely inaccurate. 


So, I regularly encourage you to decide for yourself what may be true and best for you - always.  I say 'always' because even if a perception is 100% accurate and 'true', if you're not ready, willing, or able to hear it, it's not true for you in that moment.  I hope you'll feel comfortable to consider, agree with, question, doubt, dislike, disagree with, or completely reject anything and everything shared.  That's not only fine, it's healthy!


In this way, you control everything in every session.  If something doesn't feel right, or you don't want to do or discuss something - I stop (or don't even start).  I've found that pushing or forcing perceptions, agendas, timelines, truths, etc., usually leads to resistance around healing, growth, and change. 


This can be especially true if you're dealing with any wounded part(s) of yourself.  Those parts may have already been judged, pushed, bullied, neglected, abused, and more.  Unconditional love, compassion, patience, etc., tend to be the inroads for this and any other healing.


Session Frequency

How often you choose to have sessions usually depends upon your situation.  The greater the challenge in your life, the more frequently you may want to have sessions - as they can often facilitate shifting the current situation. 


I hold space for miracles in every session.  Yet, if healing is not happening in one or more sessions, it doesn't necessarily mean it's not possible.  It may only mean that the healing might be a process, rather than an event.


Again, miracles happen regularly, but more often than not, it took time to create the mental, emotional and behavioral patterns that may have created and/or contributed to the imbalance(s) in your life.  Learning to identify, recognize, understand, and consistently change those patterns in support of balance, wholeness and health may also take some time.  


That said, I don't prescribe specific time frames for healing.  I think everyone needs to go at their own pace.  So, whether you schedule weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly sessions, you are still bringing healing to whatever is happening. 


However, the more frequently you can schedule sessions during challenging times, the faster you may see shifts in your condition or situation.  You might think of it like going to the gym -any workout is a good workout, but going with frequency and consistency tend to get you better results (honoring that even getting in shape tends to be a process, not an event!).


Many clients find benefit in coming weekly if they are experiencing challenges, then switching to monthly sessions to help sustain their health and well being.  Some only reach out when they have challenges.  Whatever works for you is what's best.


Sessions last between 60-90 minutes.  Please reserve 90 minutes when scheduling.  If we don't need the time, you can be done early. However, I have found that sometimes people need more time to discuss & process things, which is why I ask that you reserve the extra time when you schedule.



Sessions are conducted via email, phone or video platform

Because everything's made of energy, healing energy can go anywhere.  I've done sessions with people in Tokyo from my San Diego home.  To learn more about distance healing sessions, please click here.





By Donation -

      Payable credit card prior to session


Yes, I work on donation.  I trust each person to pay what they can for the value of the healing that they receive.  Surprisingly, many people are uncomfortable with paying by donation and prefer to know a payment "range". 


For what I do, other practitioners charge between $100-150 per session.  Please know that whatever payment you offer (whether it's more or less than the "range") for the healing, reading or communication you receive is perfect.


To pay for sessions:  Please click here 




SCHEDULING - By Appointment Only


Distance Healing Sessions 

In US:  conducted via email, phone or video

Internationally:  conducted via email or video


Human & Animal  

Mon - Fri, 7a - 6p PST 

Sessions conducted via email, phone or internet

60-90 minute sessions (by donation)

Last distance session starts 6p

For more information, please click here.


If this doesn't work for your schedule, we can discuss other options.


Home, Business & Land

Mon - Fri, 7a - 6p PST

Sessions conducted via email, phone or internet

90 minute sessions (by donation)

3 hour sessions ($300 flat fee)

Last distance session starts 6p

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If this doesn't work for your schedule, we can discuss other options.



Distance Classes

All classes are taught remotely via phone or video


Monday - Friday, 7a-4p PST   (Last class starts 4pm)

Weekend classes available, please contact for details

If this doesn't work for your schedule, we can discuss other options.


Each degree is a single class lasting...


     4 hours for 1-2 people

     Additional 30 minutes needed for each person 3+


Currently, there are no classes pre-scheduled.  If you would like to schedule a class, please contact me with your availability, and I'll be happy to arrange a class for you one-on-one, or for your group. 


For more information on classes, please click here.



To book a session or individual/group class:


Please call me at 619.342.6239 or send me an email.